Shap Swimming Pool 2019 Season Report                                                                

This season started well with the pool’s walls being completed, the new pergola and of course the wonderful mural which was designed by Shap Primary school pupils and painted by Kayleigh Richardson. With a number of sunny days, we saw visitors queuing out the doors. With people visiting on their way to other destinations, having seen us in the Lido Guide and other publications.

However, locals were not happy due to a re-emphasis on the rules and changes to sessions at short notice. An open meeting was held to address issues and the season continued until the 1st September.

The committee has felt that it has been a challenging year and unfortunately there have been times when the pool has had to close at short notice due to lack of volunteers to run the shop and lifeguard availability. Each of the committee has their own commitments and therefore it has been a juggling act to maintain keeping the pool open, with these changes often being at last minute.


We would like to thank all that have supported us by using the pool over the 2019 season. Those businesses and individuals which have supported and continue to do so, by carrying out work, helping with maintenance and also fundraising on our behalf.


We would like to thank all 10 of our lifeguards who have helped out over the season and also the volunteers within the shop, without these we really could not open. We would also like to make a special thanks to Andrea Riding and Bob Ewart who have put in an impressive amount of their own time to running the shop this season, we were starting to think they had moved in!


This season we are to lose three committee members. Rich Morris has spent the last 6 years on the committee, where he took over the general maintenance and upkeep of the chemicals and water. He has spent morning, evening and other times making sure the water has remained sparkly and that the chemicals have been maintained at a safe level allowing us to open every day. Kate Chambers, our treasurer has also done a splendid job of maintaining the books, working hard to keep the bank accounts in order, completing the vat return and making sure there are enough funds in the account to carry on. Kev Pattinson has helped carry out general maintenance, aiding Rich in maintaining the pool water, doing the recycling and often helping in the shop at last minute to cover the shop and keep the pool open. The rest of the committee would like to thank them for all the hard work over the season and wish them the best of luck in the future.


Being on Shap swimming pool committee is an all year round commitment, a lot of our committee members are carrying out multiple roles and as they say ‘many hands makes light work’, therefore we would like to ask anyone that can help with any of the above roles and that of coordinating the lifeguards, volunteers and also fundraising to get in touch.


It is with great sadness that without new committee members to take on these roles, and the empty Chairman role that the pool will not be able to open in 2020. We appreciate that everyone has their own commitments but if we do not have people to share out the workload and willing to take on these roles then the pool will simply close. For the upcoming 2020 season, we will need a Chairman, Treasurer, Trustees and several new committee members.


If anyone would be interested, then they can contact us via the email, Facebook or on the pool phone on 07512466172.


Shap Swimming Pool Committee

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